Google Apps Login for WordPress

By | February 22, 2014

Please take a look at our latest product: Google Apps Login for WordPress

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It is a WordPress plugin allowing users to authenticate securely to your website using their Google accounts. It eliminates the need for Google Apps domain admins to separately manage WordPress user accounts, and gives piece of mind that only authorized employees have access to the company’s websites and intranet.

The plugin also acts as a platform for other developers to more easily integrate Google APIs into WordPress sites and plugins:

Google Apps Login allows you to centralize your site’s Google functionality and build your own extensions, or use third-party extensions, which require no configuration themselves and share the same user authentication and permissions that users already allowed for Google Apps Login itself.

Using our platform, your website appears to Google accounts as one unified ‘web application’, making it more secure and easier to manage.

Google Drive Embedder is our free extension plugin allowing users to browse for Google Drive documents to embed directly in their posts or pages.

Please let me know what you think!

One thought on “Google Apps Login for WordPress

  1. Brian Stinar

    This plugin is awesome. We use it for managing all our WordPress logins.


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