Hello! I am an internet entrepreneur, normally based in Cambridge, UK.

During my career in software and business, I have:

  • Co-founded, and acted as CTO and COO, for both an agency and a venture-backed startup business.
  • Worked for small and large companies (including Citi) developing desktop and networked applications.
  • Built independent games and web projects.

Our aim in the tropics is to develop new businesses around a lifestyle that suits us best. Work hard, as ever – but free to do so remotely and whenever we choose.

Here are some companies and projects that I have created:

Google Apps Login for WordPress

Google Apps Login for WordPress is a plugin allowing users to log into blogs using Google to securely authenticate their account – no username or password is explicitly required. It eliminates the need for Google Apps domain admins to separately manage WordPress user accounts, and gives piece of mind that only authorized employees have access to the company’s websites and intranet.

Photos To PCPhotos To PC

The easy one-click way to transfer all the latest photos wirelessly from your Android phone or tablet to any computer, without the need for any USB cables! This is a project we built in Barbados to try our hand at a mobile app, under the brand apparadise.

Get it on Google Play


Conversocial is an enterprise SaaS application to deliver social customer service over Facebook and Twitter, used by companies including Sephora, Groupon, Tesco, Net A Porter, McDonalds and more.

I co-founded the company in 2010 along with Joshua March, and to date it has raised $6.8m in Venture Capital funding from DFJ Esprit and Octopus Investments. I acted as CTO, and then COO until my semi-retirement in 2013.

Conversocial was spun-off from iPlatform, below.


iPlatform was the first preferred Facebook Development company in the UK, co-founded by myself and Joshua March in 2008. We specialised in bespoke social application development, building and running campaigns for Swatch, ITV, Gumtree, The Economist, Ministry of Sound, Google, and Facebook themselves.

The business was sold to a larger international competitor, Betapond, in 2012.

OpenSocket screenshotOpensocket

This was a project that allowed gadgets conforming to Google’s open social standard to be converted directly to a Facebook app. This was mildly controversial at the time, and as I happened to be in San Francisco in late 2007, I was invited to present the project at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View!

Feed FriendFeed Friend

An early Facebook app allowing users to pull their own blogs onto their profiles and newsfeed, as well as keep track of friends’ favourite blogs. This was white-labelled to allow companies to bring their blogs to Facebook entirely under their own branding and control.

Magic Maycabs

magic-maycabs4When I was 15, I created this game for the PC. It had ten difficult levels distributed as a shareware, with the option to purchase version 2 containing 25 new levels plus a level editor to create your own (not to mention, new monsters!). I thought it was a great game, and the free version seemed to be distributed fairly widely, but absolutely no-one felt the need to send me a cheque for the sum of £5.50.

The game was forgotten by the time new technology meant it would no longer work on recent versions of Windows. Many years later, I was approached by the curator of a website dedicated to games of times gone by, especially since a new emulator called DOS BOX meant that these old games could be run once again.

There seemed to be a few enthusiasts who remembered the game fondly, so I asked why they had not decided to upgrade. “The game was way too hard,” they said. “I couldn’t even get past level 5!”

That was my first lesson in the freemium business model.

You can download it here, and you’ll need DOS Box